Do you actually has a brother?“: Salinger’s Holden Caulfield and Faulkner’s Quentin Compson

Do you actually has a brother?“: Salinger’s Holden Caulfield and Faulkner’s Quentin Compson

Both has highly ambivalent emotions regarding gender: as they cam otherwise consider intercourse nearly always, plus feature so you can anyone else about their intimate experience and knowledge, both are in reality scared out of sex, actually are thinking-admitted virgins

D. Salinger’s The Catcher throughout the Rye, given that title ways, try a novel built on literary the thing is and you may allusions; this means that, its hero, Holden Caulfield, has been as compared to a number of almost every other characters, of one another Western and you will world literature.1 Brand new closest from Holden’s bloodstream brothers, while the actually a basic survey of your issue of Salinger’s unique will show you, may be named Huckleberry Finn.2 And you can indeed you’ll find renowned likenesses ranging from Huck and Holden: both are stressed teens on the run–mentally, linguistically, and you will geographically–out-of a grownup globe that they pick pretentious, hypocritical, low, horrible, and you may dangerous. step 3 Amazingly, even though, this type of anxiousness and obsessions is just the of those demonstrated because of the William Faulkner’s Quentin Compson, one of the protagonists of your own Voice and the Frustration. The key to the brand new neurotic decisions out-of each other emails should be based in the Freudian principle out-of anality, instance because that concept could have been amplified and you may reinterpreted by eg later psychologists due to the fact Norman O. Brownish and you will Ernest Becker. Both Holden and Quentin display character traits which can be of somebody whose innovation might have been arrested during the rectal stage.

The surface parallels between them characters can be founded, and you will hitting. Both are practical, sensitive and painful, introspective, well-told men: Holden try a beneficial seventeen-year-dated creating university beginner which reads „much“ (18) and you may whoever greatest topic try English (110); Quentin are an to try to get-year-dated freshman on Harvard that knows Latin and prices St. Francis. 4 Additionally, one another Holden and you can Quentin venture its intimate nervousness to the sisters, following a defensive, „your government“ ideas and looking to help you club the brand new sisters‘ entry into carnal training. In the long run, its baffled and you may disturbed rational states lead one another Holden and Quentin so you’re able to remember suicide.5 Quentin, without a doubt, instead of Holden, in reality uses using on their passing wish, purchasing a set of apartment-irons for body loads right after which hurling himself of a bridge with the Charles Lake.

However the greatest information on Holden Caulfield’s characterization –his paralyzing concern about sex, their overly protective attitude towards the his cousin, along with his unhealthy preoccupation having demise–try shed inside Twain’s portrait regarding Huck

Since the advised earlier, the fresh new unifying psychological factor underlying each other Holden and you will Quentin’s anxiousness off sexuality, women, and you can death is to be found in the Freudian idea out of anality. Based on Freud, the explanation of all of the adult neurosis is to be used in the latest repressed sexual desires regarding youth. Freud posited about three degree out of infantile sexual creativity: brand new dental (beginning so you’re able to yearly), amongst the items away from sucking and biting; this new rectal (one 36 months), targeting the fresh new child’s love for the new asshole and feces; plus the phallic (two-and-a-half so you can half dozen ages), concentrating on the fresh children’s breakthrough of your snatch. In case your kid’s passage using each of these phases isn’t negotiated efficiently and you may happily, brand new repressed pushes will resurface during the adulthood when it comes to some neuroses. Predicated on Freud, the new adult characteristics that are regarding the denial and repression for the anal stage is orderliness (also neatness), obstinacy, and you may parsimony (otherwise possessiveness).six

To possess Freud, anal curiosity and enjoy, including the child’s measures for the almost every other stages out of infantile invention, are primarily assertions of fulfillment concept along the truth and morality standards–so what can be viewed in retrospect because the futile efforts out of the child to help you embrace to help you a keen Edenic field of innocent liberty and you will enjoy when confronted with following exile to the mature realm of work and you will duty. But later psychologists such Norman O. Brown and you will Ernest Becker possess assisted us to just remember that , the new issue is significantly more complicated than simply actually Freud got approved. In his insightful and important publication, Life Facing Demise, Brown contends that what is actually most being stamped with the awareness each and every folks from inside the rectal stage is nothing shorter than „this new disagreement anywhere between our animal body, correctly epitomized on anal function, and you will the pretentious sublimations, way more particularly the new pretensions out-of sublimated otherwise romantic-Platonic love“ (186). This means, this new rectal status signifies the kid’s basic come upon having mortality and you can decay. As the Becker notes, echoing Brownish, „With anal play the child is to get a great philosopher regarding the human being standing. However, as with any philosophers he’s nonetheless limited by it, with his head activity in life will get new denial away from exactly what the newest asshole signifies: you to in fact, he’s nothing but muscles in which nature is worried. Nature’s thinking is actual beliefs, individual viewpoints is actually intellectual thinking, and even though they take the loftiest aircraft they are established abreast of excrement, hopeless without it, constantly cut back so you’re able to it“ (31). The latest argument knowledgeable by son from the anal stage, for this reason, is that of looks in place of your body and mind or spirit, the true as opposed to the ideal.

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